Poderão existir veículos “relacionados” com os Randonneurs a circular no percurso do BRM?

Exeção feita a veículos de voluntários que suportem o Brevet não poderão existir outros veículos a circular no percurso. Ou seja no percurso de um Brevet  não podem existir veículos associados aos / relacionados com / a acompanhar os randonenurs independentemente do motivo, expeto numa situação limite de desistência. Os BRM são eventos com uma lógica [...]


Does the ride include the need to use ferries?

Yes.  PAT 1200 will include two ferries trips: one from Lisbon to Seixal and another from Setúbal to Tróia. The first ferry – from Lisbon to Seixal – will be exclusive for PAT 1200 riders and the ticket price is included in the entry fee. Also included in the entry fee is the ticket for [...]


What do I need to do at the controls?

In order to be finish the event successfully you need to follow the route as per the route sheet and obtain stamps at the designated controls. The opening and closing times for each control will be indicated on your brevet card. “Secret controls” - to ensure no shortcutting – may be established at PAT 1200 [...]


Will there be a bag drop service?

Yes, Included in the registration fee. Riders' drop bags will be carried out from the start to the sleep controls at Loulé and Évora and back to Lisbon. Drop bags cannot weigh more than 5 kilograms per bag. Two bags are allowed per Randonneur, one for Loulé (this one will not follow the route to Évora) [...]


Is the route hilly or flat?

Although mostly held in Alentejo – the flatter part of Portugal – PAT 1200 is not “pan flat”. Alentejo is a region of never-ending rolling hills so expect a terrain that is hilly in parts and in some areas quite remote and unpopulated.


What about bicycle lights?

The lighting requirements are basically very simple: Two independent (with distinct power sources) front lights and two independent (with distinct power sources) rear lights must be available for use (i.e. attached to the bicycle or carried) One of each front or rear light must be fixed to the bicycle or to a secure accessory (e.g. [...]

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