The PAT 1200 is organized under the auspices of the Randonneurs Mondiaux and Randonneurs Portugal rules.

Major rules applicable are:

  • PAT 1200 entrants can use only machines that are solely human powered;
  • Randonneurs can only take the draft of other Randonneurs that participate in the PAT 1200;
  • No individual Randonneur support is allowed except at the control points. Riders using personal support must declare that before the start.
  • Any PAT 1200 Randonneur getting personal support in-between the controls will be disqualified;
  • All PAT 1200 Randonneurs must have a front lighting system with a beam white in color and clearly visible from a distance of at least 120 meters to oncoming traffic. The front lightning system must be able to illuminate the road 20 meters ahead of the bicycle. The front lighting system must remain affixed to the bicycle for the duration of the event. A complete back-up front lighting system must be carried too all times during the brevet.
  • All PAT 1200 Randonneurs must have a rear taillight/lighting system red in color that remains affixed to the bicycle for the duration of the event which is clearly visible from a distance of at least 120 meters. A complete back-up rear taillight/lighting system must be carried too. The flashing mode cannot be used.
  • All PAT 1200 Randonneurs must wear – at all times day and night- a reflective vest or jacket with CE 471 or CE 1150 markings for reflectivity standard. Additionaly you bring with you an emergency space blanket. Hydration system or backpack must be worn under the reflective vest.
  • PAT 1200 Randonneurs riding without an approved helmet or reflective vest/jacket will be disqualified.
  • Recumbent Randonneurs may adapt the above reflective safety requirements so that it the vehicle will be easily seen from all directions by other road users.
  • PAT 1200 Randonneurs must be polite and respectful of all event volunteers.

If you have any query regarding these statements, do not enroll,  please ask beforehand we will be very willing to clarify.